Aerial by drone of Boyabreen Glacier in summer, Jostedalsbreen National Park, Fjaerland, Sogndal, Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe.


29 Jun 2020 But what on earth is a glacier? Glaciers, simply put, are huge rivers of ice. They form only in places where fresh snow never fully melts. Building 

1 bild · Kvikne hotell, Balestrand og  Efter intressanta diskussioner om vuxenutbilning, metoder och kompetenser var det dags att åka vidare mot Fjaerland. Det stod Norsk  The most easily accessible and most spectacular of the glacier arms on the Jostedalsbreen glacier is the Bøyabreen Glacier in Fjærland. You can see Bøyabreen at quite close range from the main road in Fjærland, or admire it from the Brevasshytta restaurant, even closer to the ice. Welcome to Fjaerland Beautiful Fjaerland is the place where the Sognefjord meets Jostedalsbreen Glacier with its white and blue arms hanging down steep mountains. Some tourists have named it the most beautiful glacier village in the world and we could not agree more. The landscape in Fjærland has been shaped by glaciers through successive ice ages during the last 2,5 to 3 million years.

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All our cabins comes with its own rowing boat and it's walking distance to the fjord. It's possible to drive   The Museum's Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn gave it sharp, angular shapes to suggest the jagged forms of the surrounding mountains and glaciers in Fjaerland   Cross the glacier (Jostedalsbreen national park). Flatbreen from Flatbrehytta hike from Supphelle valley (10 min drive, 2 hr hike, 2 hr glacier walk +back). Escape to quaint Fjaerland!

Fjærland is the area surrounding a branch of the Sognefjord, close to the Jostedalsbreen - the largest glacier on mainland Europe. From Fjærland you have easy access to the glacierswith a car or public transportation. Here you also find the Norwegian Glacier Museum, the Norwegian Book Town and the historical Hotel Mundal, built in 1891.

Fjærland is also the Norwegian book town, with book shops situated in old cow sheds and pigpens; there are also book shops on the ferry quay and in the Hotel Mundal. The Hotel Mundal is an old wooden building in 19th-century style still in business as a hotel. Arriving in the town of Vik, you swap boats and continue to the village of Fjærland on a slightly smaller fjord cruise through the picturesque Fjærlandsfjord, famous for its glacier capped mountain peaks.

Fjærland is a tiny, but very special Norwegian village. It's a place, where glacier meets the fjord. Located at the end of Fjærlandfjorden - a branch going north off the Sognefjorden, the longest fjord in Norway (and the second in the world) and beneath Jostedalsbreen - the largest glacier in continental Europe.

Glaciers, simply put, are huge rivers of ice. They form only in places where fresh snow never fully melts. Building  25 Mar 2019 Formerly the island's fastest-flowing glacier, Jakobshavn Glacier slowed dramatically when a nearby ocean current cooled, though it's still  15 Sep 2019 In Ilulissat, Greenland, the ice tells a story.

Fjaerland glacier

Along the fjord, there are many hamlets and farms. Most of these farms are deserted, and they now serve as reminders of people's toil and challenges in former times. Lots of information about glaciers.
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Check out Norwegian Glacier Museum and Boyabreen—just a couple of the sights around Fjaerland. Fjærland – the fjord and glacier village. Fjaerland is often called the most beautiful glacial community in the world.

Fjaerland is often called the most beautiful glacial community in the world.
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Norwegian Glacier Mueum i Fjaerland, Norge, har jämfört med en flygande tefat om ligger inbäddat mellan bergen i Fjaerlandfjorden. En båt från Baletrand 

Jostedalsbreen Glacier is the largest glacier on the European continent and has several outlet glaciers flowing in many directions. In Fjaerland, you can get very close to two of these outlet glaciers - Bøyabreen and Supphellebreen. Bøyabreen. Supphellebreen. Opplev den einaste fjorden i verda som lar deg oppleva både fjord- og brelandskap.